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CANSA Science and Resource Centre Houses Science-driven Projects

CANSA Science and Resource Centre Houses Science-driven Projects

The CANSA Science & Resource Centre in Cape Town houses the administration management of our Type A research projects. It also houses all our Type B research which are mainly environmental projects such as:

  • Trans-fats in margarine, fast foods and cooking oils. Read more…
  • Uranium contamination of human drinking water and hair in the Carletonville area. Read more…
  • Analyses of organic contaminants (such as BPA) in drinking water in large cities. Read more…
  • Acrylamide in potato-based food like crisps. Read more…

Under the Microscope project

The Centre also houses the Under the Microscope project and is seen as a venue where identified, promising, previously disadvantaged learners can be exposed to the science of cancer through the use of a microscope-digital camera-laptop-memory stick ensemble. Slides of cancer were sourced from Pathcare and a teaching module will be created on the laptop. The learner can take the memory stick home with the module and pictures of cancer tissues taken in the Centre.

The idea is to advocate for future careers in cancer control through research, medicine, nursing and management. We are hoping to launch this project in 2011.


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