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CANSA Port Shepstone puts Mobile Clinic to Good Use

CANSA Port Shepstone puts Mobile Clinic to Good Use

During the months of March and April 2012 we had the privilege of having the mobile clinic at our disposal.


We made arrangements with uMzinto and Scottburgh clinics to visit them every week to do their pap smears, we also went to 2 other clinics in deep rural areas and we finished it off by visiting the uGu Municipal offices and did pap smears and breast exams there.


  • The clinics Sisters and Nurses were all very welcoming and each week helped arrange all the material needed for the screenings, and made sure that the ladies attended.
  • The ladies were also very happy to have their pap smear done by someone they didn’t know, in some of the areas they felt they are too used to the clinic sisters they were not comfortable having them do it.


  • A total number of 284 pap smears plus 284 breast exams were done during this time.
  • The one lady with a lump was referred to the clinic.
  • 100 pap smears were sponsored by AMPATH laboratories.
  • Out of the hundred sponsored pap’s  5 had abnormalities and have been referred for further investigations and of the clinic ones we’ve had 2 abnormalities so far but we haven’t got all the results back yet.

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