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CANSA Mobile Health Clinics & MANVan

CANSA Mobile Health Clinics & MANVan

CANSA has nine Mobile Health Clinics travelling to remote areas throughout South Africa to reach women and men who would otherwise not have access to screening.

They offer the following:

Mobile Health Clinic Schedule

Download schedule for your region to find out when and where the mobile health clinic will be:


Alternately,  contact your local CANSA Care Centre regarding mobile health clinic schedules for your area, or to arrange for screening at the Care Centre.

Make an Online Donation

Consider making an online donation to help fund our CANSA Mobile Health Clinic visits to remote communities…

Hollard “MANVan” Schedule

CANSA now has a MANVan, sponsored by Hollard, which is shared between all regions that participate in the Hollard Daredevil Run, namely, Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban.

With the help of Hollard, CANSA provides free Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) tests, in the Hollard MANVan, to men over the age of 40.

PSA is a protein produced by both cancerous (malignant) and non-cancerous (benign) prostate tissue. High PSA levels may indicate inflammation of the prostate or even cancer. A blood test or finger prick test can establish if PSA levels are raised. Read more about PSA screening & how to interpret test results…

  • A total of 7 924 men were screened in 2016 / 7
  • A total of 3 954 men were screened 2015 / 6

Find out when and where the MANVan will be:

Queries CANSA

Contact your nearest CANSA Care Centre for more information re Mobile Health Clinic or MANVan visits in your area and find more information about other screening services offered.


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