CANSA Care Homes

CANSA Limpopo Care Home & CANSA Theunis Fichardt Hospitium

CANSA Limpopo Care Home & CANSA Theunis Fichardt Hospitium

IMG_0703CANSA Limpopo Care Home is situated in Polokwane and offers home-from-home accommodation to carers and cancer patients undergoing treatment at oncology clinics far from their homes.

Established in 1991, CANSA Limpopo Care Home ensures a warm and welcome stay for our patients and their care-givers in well equipped, comfortable bedrooms and they have access to a secure garden setting or can relax in our lounge.

CANSA Theunis Fichardt Hospitium

With the support of the Department of Health and Social Development of Limpopo, loyal donors, and the medical fraternity; the CANSA Theunis Fichardt Hospitium is registered as a private hospital, providing very ill cancer patients with excellent nursing care, 24 hours a day.

The CANSA Theunis Fichardt Hospitium is recognised as the care facility of choice for cancer patients and their families in Limpopo and neighbouring countries.

The support of individuals, communities and companies are critical to the survival of this facility and its services.

The mission of the CANSA Theunis Fichardt Hospitium is to provide all cancer patients, regardless of religion, belief, policy or financial ability, with:

  • hospitalisation,
  • physical terminal care,
  • to offer terminal counselling to ensure quality of life until the moment of death, and
  • promote community involvement

The CANSA Theunis Fichardt Hospitium and its staff will at all times strive to maintain the “Cecily Saunders Policy”:

“You matter because you are YOU,
You matter until the last moment of your life,
And we will do all we can, not only to help you die peacefully,
But to live, until you die.”

When “cure” is no longer the primary aim in the advancement of the patient’s illness, the focus shifts to qualified and professional physical and spiritual “care” by the CANSA Theunis Fichardt Hospitium’s multi-disciplinary team, to ensure maximum quality of life for the patient.

Clinic Services – CANSA Theunis Fichardt Hospitium

  • Our Clinic offers cancer screening: PSA testing (early detection prostate cancer), Pap smears (early detection cervical cancer) and Clinical Breast Examinations (early detection breast cancer).
  • Medical equipment including beds, crutches, walking rings and wheel chairs may also be hired.
  • The Clinic also assists patients with stoma products and breast prostheses.

Contact Details

For more information on the specific care and support services that we provide, contact the CANSA Limpopo Care Home or CANSA Theunis Fichardt Hospitium on 015-297 1268.



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