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CANSA & Gaming for Cancer™ – A New Age of Cancer Awareness & Fundraising

25 March 2015: CANSA and Gaming for Cancer™ have teamed up to drive a new form of cancer awareness in the form of a Gaming for Cancer™ Race Day Challenge, that is set to be fun and accessible to Corporates, SME’s and all associated parties.

The Race Day Challenge serves as an effective and new age vehicle to bring together customer networking and engagement, as well as products and services, with a strong element of Corporate Social Responsibility – where cancer education, early detection and cancer support is brought to the doorstep to all participating in the Race Day Challenge.

The concept revolves around ‘Feel Good Fun’. For participating companies this activation serves as esprit de corps and an opportunity to engage with the latest virtual racing technology for home and business use, and is aptly named ‘The race against time.’

Cancer is a race against time as cancer kills more people globally than TB, Malaria and Aids combined. The race day challenge is based on a racing game where companies and employees give a little bit of their time to participate in a race against time to become the ultimate Racing Champion, with funds raised going to CANSA.

CANSA is thrilled by the prospect of this Gaming for Cancer™ initiative which is set to ‘modernise’ traditional fundraising and awareness initiatives.

“This concept allows us to reach a new audience and help educate them about ways to reduce their cancer risk. Just as Gamers take on a challenge of conquering and playing against competitors – so do we need as many people aware of cancer and ways to conquer it. This initiative also helps us raise funds that will be allocated towards helping children and families affected by cancer,” says Elize Joubert, CANSA’s Acting CEO.

Wayne Miller, Corporate Relationship Manager for Gaming for Cancer™, notes that this idea and initiative is a result of his business partner, Johann von Backström, who had a strong vision for this. “Johann has been in the gaming industry for the past 10 years and has facilitated gaming events and local qualifiers for international events such as the FIFA Interactive World Cup, Telkom Gaming Leagues, World Cyber Games, and more. Through his line of everyday work, and having sadly lost family members to cancer, he created a vision to grow early awareness through the gaming industry in line with CANSA’s drive to enable research, educate the public and provide support to all people affected by cancer,” Miller adds.

The Gaming for Cancer™ Corporate Challenge will be structured so that companies from diverse industries will have the opportunity to participate in the corporate challenge on a monthly basis for a period of five months for the first year.

Kicking things off, Spoor & Fisher hosted a Corporate Race Day Challenge 27 March 2015:

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Other committed parties already set to host a Corporate Race Day Challenge include one of the top SA telecom brands; participants in the motor industry; Emirates airline; as well as a world class team from the legal fraternity.

The gaming industry, reaching millions of people worldwide, is a medium that can be accessed through businesses, (small, SME and corporate), schools and homes, for the able bodied, as well as disabled, and lends itself as a relatively easily accessible platform to reach South Africans.

“Electronic Sports (E-Sports) is a multi-million dollar industry, and through it, with the support of corporates getting involved as participants and sponsors, we believe it will be possible to bring CANSA’s key messaging of promoting awareness, early detection and healthy living, in a bid to reach more South Africans.

In addition, many corporates may not have specific cancer policies or programmes to support cancer survivors, and through this project we wish to bring across this message too.” Miller concludes.

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