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Cyclist, Boyd Smit cycled 791 km in support CANSA from 24 February to 1 March 2016. Boyd’s journey started at Carletonville and ended in Victoria West, all to raise awareness and further cancer education.

Boyd has achieved nine CANSA cycles since 2002 and doesn’t plan to stop anytime soon. View Boyd’s 2016 route here…

“This year, I’m doing my 14th Argus, and as extra preparation, I have decided to once again do a CANSA cycle. I have done a number of CANSA Cycles since 2002 and during this period I lost my father and a close friend to cancer – the work and initiatives CANSA do, remain close at heart for me,” says Boyd.

By cycling on the roads through our country, Boyd hopes to educate people along the way of topical issues that CANSA drives and promotes. Doing his cycle in ‘CANSA Active’ gear, he will be promoting leading an active and healthy lifestyle to reduce the cancer risk.

CANSA has over 30 Care Centres that a wide range of care and support services to those affected by cancer, offer stoma and other clinical support and organisational management, medical equipment hire, cancer education and screening, as well as health awareness.

2016 Gallery:

Seen in gallery below, Jeannie (top left), from the Free State encouraged Boyd along the way by praying with him and giving a small donation.  CANSA staff provided roadside assistance all the way along the route from Carletonville (below right), providing water, lip ice and encouragement!

Boyd Gallery

Over Boyd’s last nine cycles for CANSA, he has managed to raise over R538 000, which has helped the CANSA continue with their care and support programmes.

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To support Boyd’s cause, or to find out more, visit his Facebook Page and to make a safe and secure online donation to support CANSA’s efforts to educate the public to reduce cancer risk & provide care & support, choose one of the fundraising projects on our CANSA Wishlist and make a donation using reference Boyd.


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