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CANSA Celebrates Nelson Mandela Day

CANSA Celebrates Nelson Mandela Day

Madiba Pic CroppedNelson Mandela International Day, 18th July 2013 – Madiba’s birthday, gave us all the opportunity to reach out to those in our communities in a positive, uplifting manner for 67 minutes, as a tribute to the manner in which Madiba devoted 67 years of his life to serving others.

CANSA staff and volunteers visited cancer patients at local public hospitals, clinics or treatment centres to provide encouragement to ‘cancer survivors’ (anyone who has heard the words ‘you have cancer’).

CANSA Head Office staff prepared a small gift package consisting of approved sweets (to help with the aftertaste related to treatment), a bookmark  with an inspirational quote by Madiba and CANSA’s contact details, a CANSA scarf, CANSA leaflets about our Care Homes, as well as CancerCare Coping Kits for cancer patients – they visited the Oncology Wards (Adult and Paediatric) at Donald Gordon Hospital in Parktown and the Charlotte Maxeke Hospital.


Morongoa Mamabolo visited the CANSA TLC Nicus Lodge on Mandela Day:

“Today I had the opportunity to go to Steve Biko Hospital in Pretoria with the CANSA team for our #‎67minutes‬ ‪#‎MandelaDay with the kids at the Oncology ward. It was heart breaking to see those little angels with their bald heads but also very inspiring seeing them smile and laugh even during this difficult time.

I met a mom who’s 12 year old son has the same cancer I had, Hodgkins Lymphoma stage 4. As I sat down to speak to her about her son she was almost in tears struggling to get the words out of her mouth. As I started sharing my experience with Hodgkins Lymphoma I could see her feeling more at ease coz I gave her hope to keep fighting. I was so touched after she said to me “u know I’ve been sad, confused and crying and praying to God for answers and I feel like he sent u to me today. Thank u so much I feel so much better.” I thank God I was given the opportunity to give someone hope today because when u faced with this horrible disease and about to give up, it’s hope that keeps u going, my oncology nurse did that for me when I was about to throw in the towel and I was so happy I could do it for somebody else :) ”

Lucinda Carter, cancer survivor and CANSA staff member:

“I spent the morning visiting cancer patients in the hospital. As a survivor it has been very emotional for me. I am also privileged to work for CANSA. I want everyone out there to know that CANSA has a very dedicated team that works very hard every day to inform the public and to care for the cancer patients. I am wishing all my colleagues and the fantastic volunteers a wonderful Mandela Day. It is awesome that we can make a difference every day in someones life. This is what CANSA is all about.”

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