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Book: Sister Warriors – A Tribute to Women Battling Cancer

Book: Sister Warriors – A Tribute to Women Battling Cancer

About the “Sister Warriors” book

CANSA’s ‘Sister Warriors’ tea table book is the perfect gift to celebrate women of courage. It tells the stories of women who have survived cancer, of women who have given unconditional love and support to loved ones with cancer and of women who live to make a difference to the lives of others. It showcases beautiful artwork done by children with cancer as well as prolific South African artists.

These stories touch the heart in a profound way – and although it sometimes saddens one, it always inspires and shows the beauty of the human spirit. One of the women featured in the book recalls her own painful memories of battling cancer, her successful recovery and pays tribute to her six-year old daughter who was also struck by cancer.

Support CANSA’s Lymphoedema Programme

Sales from the book will go towards CANSA’s Lymphoedema Programme which aims to help provide information about the signs and symptoms as well as the prevention and treatment of lymphoedema. This a challenging complication of cancer treatment, commonly found in women’s cancers, which causes swelling, mostly of the arms and legs, due to damaged lymph nodes. Read more about treatment of Lymphoedema here…

How to Purchase a Book

By purchasing this book you’ll be spreading a message of hope and joining hands with CANSA to fight cancer. The selling price for the soft cover edition is R90 per soft-cover book.

Hard-cover editions cost R120 per book. Both hard-cover and soft-cover editions are available at our CANSA Head Office, Bedfordview, Gauteng.


Please contact Moshe Nchwe or phone 011-616 7662 at CANSA’s Head Office for more information.


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