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Altrisk Supports CANSA

Altrisk Supports CANSA

Munnik Marais (left) & Magdalene Seguin (right), CANSA, receive the donation from Altrisk's MD Michael Blain

Munnik Marais (left) & Magdalene Seguin (right), CANSA, receive the donation from Altrisk’s MD Michael Blain

4 March 2014: Every year 14 million people worldwide hear the words: “You have cancer”. In South Africa, more than 100000 people are diagnosed each year, and besides the emotional toll of coping with the disease, it also brings with it exceptional financial challenges.

This is one of the reasons why Altrisk is donating R70 300 to CANSA towards their CANSA Care Centres that provide care and support programmes for those living with cancer and their loved ones to assist them during their treatment and recovery.

Lucy Balona, CANSA’s Head: Marketing and Communications says with financial help from organisations such as Altrisk they’re able to extend their reach to cancer patients who are in dire need of support.

“One of many things CANSA would like to do is to translate our CancerCare Coping Kit into more official languages. The kit consists of two audio CDs aimed at anyone recently diagnosed with cancer – it provides information and practical tips to promote physical, emotional and mental well-being before and during treatment – in short, helping survivors and their loved ones cope better with a cancer diagnosis,” she explains.

Michael Blain, managing director of Altrisk adds, “Cancer remains a highly emotive illness that has far reaching implications for the patient and their family. Unfortunately, not only does the cancer survivor face a punishing treatment regimen in many cases, but the cost of treatment can become a major financial burden,” he says. “Considering the emotional strain of being diagnosed with the disease, the care and support programme offered by CANSA provides an essential safety net for patients who do not have the financial means to cope with this debilitating illness.

“When living with a serious disease or condition, proper care, disease management, nutrition and counselling is fundamental to ensure a fulfilling and better quality of life. As Altrisk, we’re delighted to be able to contribute to supporting cancer patients on their journey from treatment to recovery.”

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About Altrisk

Altrisk is a specialist long-term risk product provider that offers risk products ranging from death and disability to critical illness, cancer, income replacement and retrenchment benefits. Each year Altrisk supports a non-profit organisation that works towards making a health-related improvement in the lives of South Africans by driving positive behavioural change. Part of the insurer’s fundraising drive is to encourage financial advisors to be part of the initiative. Altrisk therefore pledges a sum to a worthy cause for every application received from financial advisors during the campaign period.


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